9-Week Beginner-Level II Mandarin Chinese Program

Our upcoming 9-Week Beginner-Level II Mandarin Chinese Program has been scheduled to begin at 6:00pm, Tuesday, November 7, 2017.  This program will be taught every Tuesday evening from 6:00pm-7:30pm. All the classes are taught at at our downtown building located at 17 N State Street, Suite 1760, Chicago, IL 60602.

About the Program
Our 9-Week Beginner-Level II is a featured program specially designed for those who have had a certain foundation in Mandarin Chinese and wish to further upgrade their communication skills. This 9-Week Beginner-Level II Class helps participants to expand the needed skills and knowledge in speaking, reading, and listening comprehension.

This program mainly focuses on speaking, reading and listening comprehension.

Each lesson includes but not limited to the following:
- New words and phrase interpretation;
- Sentence analysis;
- Substitution drill;
- Situation role-play dialogues;
- Improvised communications using the new words learned
- Listening comprehension and,
- Development exercises

What is the Program Focus?
Speaking, reading and listening comprehension. Chinese culture and business etiquette are part of this program.
What are included?
- A published learning book (titled "Mandarin Chinese Beginner-level II")
- All the audio recordings for the learning binder.
- Flashcards for all vocabulary contained in the learning binder.

The total fee for this 9-Week program is $295 (All the text materials and audio recordings are included).

Please click the button here below to make the tuition payment.

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