9-Week Beginner-Level III Mandarin Chinese Program

Our 9-Week Beginner-Level III Mandarin Chinese Program will begin at 6:00pm, Tuesday, June 13, 2017. This program will be taught on Tuesday evenings (6:00pm-7:30pm). All the classes are taught at at our downtown building located at 17 N State Street, Suite 17000, Chicago, IL 60602.

About the Class
Our 9-Week Beginner-Level III Class is a featured program specially designed for those who have have never learned Mandarin Chinese before or those who limited knowledge and skills in the langauge.  This program is ideal for those who have plan to travel to China or who have needs to communicate with Chinese people.

What is the Program Focus?
Speaking, reading and listening comprehension. Chinese culture and business etiquette are part of this program.

How is the Class Taught?
- Chinese phonetics and pronounciation;
- Single Sentences;
- Situational dialogues;
- Improvised communications using the new words learned
- Listening comprehension and,
- Development exercises              

What are included?
- A published book titled "Mandarin Chinese Beginner-Level III" (With both Simplified and Traditional versions available).
- Audio recordings for all the courses taught are included
- A e-Dictionary used as  a learning tool.


You can make the tuition payment on-line by ckicking the payment button here below:

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