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What Our Clients Say

“Andy is simply the best language instructor I’ve ever had. I’ve studied German, Russian and Spanish prior to studying Mandarin. He provides a fun, interesting and insightful foundation for learning the language. Going in I thought Chinese would be difficult. Instead, it has been a joy to learn and relatively easy to understand because of Andy’s teaching style and methods. He provides great cultural context and operates at an appropriate pace. Within the first 60 days I could see significant results including being able to actually read and write the language around everyday situations. I highly recommend him. He’s worth ten times what he charges for lessons”. 

–Steven D. L., Senior Executive

“I have studied many languages in my lifetime and although Chinese (Mandarin) is one of the toughest, I am grateful to be working with Rebecca at Chicago MCC. Her strength as a language teacher stems from her knowledge and approach. Her excellent command of the English language makes it easy for her to relate to the English speaker when teaching Chinese. She is able to logically explain the significant differences and well as the similarities between the two languages in a way that is easily comprehended. Her experience of working with children gives her the ability to be patient and to use praise and encouragement appropriately. While she can be very result oriented, she makes learning the language a fun and fulfilling experience. She is a very engaging teacher!”

— Joseph K., VP

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your Mandarin Chinese Beginner’s Level I course very much.  Not only did I learn many new and useful words, but I also got an insight into how to improve my learning methods. Please let me know when your Level II Mandarin Chinese Beginner’s course starts.

—  Boris B., Business Owner

“I’ve studied several languages, and made my living translating one for a number of years.  Andy Zhang is an exceptionally effective teacher.  He is energetic and uses class time very efficiently.  I’m astonished that he can cover such a broad range of material in only a two hour class, especially as he’s constantly reviewing previous material.  If one works on the material at home (and he sends you audio files to help you), you should make progress.  Highly recommended”.
– James O., Accountant

“Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center has transformed my life! Depending on your motivation or reasoning to learn, I believe that CMCC will definitely help you as well.  I have had the luxury of meeting both Andy and Rebecca by taking classes through CMCC. I must say that my comprehension and understanding of Mandarin Chinese has dramatically improved. Thank You!! Andy is very practical and brings real life experiences from his past as he presents class material. He is very funny and captivates the class with his rich personality. Rebecca is also a very excellent teacher. My classmates and I excelled tremendously through her ability to explain concepts. She took her time and made sure that everyone understood the material.  Her teaching style was fantastic. Rebecca is definitely an asset to CMCC! Because of Andy and Rebecca, I now have more confidence in Mandarin Chinese. I hope to further my education of this beautiful language through CMCC before my journey to the unknown begins (moving to China in July/August 2011)!” 

— Henry W., Performing Actor

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