What is a Second-Level Study?
Second-Level Class is a featured program specially designed for those who have successfully completed their Beginner-Level I and Beginner-Level II studies in Mandarin Chinese. Our multi-year practical teaching experiences indicate that the accomplishment of the Beginner-Level studies does not naturally place a learner into an Intermediate-Level proficiency. Therefore, it is essential for a learner to go through a "transitional studying period" which prepares his/her to the Intermediate-Level I proficiency.

Our Second-Level Class is a 8-Week Intensive Program helping learners gain needed skills and knowledge in speaking, reading, writing and listening comprehension in order to reach a higher proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. 

Who Should Attend?
--Those who have completed Beginner-Level I and Beginner-Level II studies
--Those who have skillfully mastered 800 commonly used Chinese characters
--Those who are strong in a particular area such as speaking, reading but weak in the other area such as writing and listening comprehension. 

What Our Second-Level Program Focuses?
--Speaking, reading, listening comprehension and Character writing 

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