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Beginner Level I Mandarin Chinese Program for Grade 4-6 Children

Together with Goethe Elementary School, we are pleased to announce the enrollment for one semester course of Beginner Level I Mandarin Chinese for Grades 4-6 students. This after-school course will be taught at Goethe Elementary School on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. The first lesson will start on January 17, 2023 and run weekly until June 1, 2023. There will be no classes scheduled during Spring Break. The instructor for this program is a highly experienced native Chinese teacher from the Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center, known as the largest and most renowned Mandarin Chinese language and cultural learning center in downtown Chicago.


The entire program will end on Thursday, June 1, 2023.


The Beginner Level I Mandarin Chinese Young Children Program is a carefully designed learning course for Grade 4-6 students who are ready to learn Mandarin Chinese systematically. The purpose of this featured program is to help the young students in grades first to third establish comprehensive knowledge & skills in terms of Chinese pronunciation,  speaking, reading, listening comprehension and writing, meanwhile gain a good understanding about the Chinese culture contexts such as Chinese history, custom, and etiquette, etc, behind the language. 



This program is composed of 36 in person lessons (each lesson runs for 1 hour) and at the end of this learning semester,  Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center will provide 14 free e-learning courses to all attendees as extracurricular learning materials for the upcoming summer season. So, there will be altogether 50 lessons included in this program. At the beginning of each new lesson, the previous lesson will be briefly reviewed to help young children better memorize what they have learned from the previous lesson.  This will also provide the young children an opportunity to make up a potentially missed lesson. All the classes will be taught with shared learning materials, which include but not limited to textbook. e-learning videos, flashcards, worksheets, audio recordings and e-learning videos for Chinese characters writing. 


We encourage more students to enter for this program so that cost to each students can be lowered down to the minimum.


Our cost can be as low as $9 per class for each students if there are at least 3o students enrolled in this program. 


—36 in-person classes taught at Goethe School, CPS (and each lesson runs for 1 hour) 
—14 extra e-learning lessons as supplementary learning materials for the First to Third Grade students.
—Flashcards and Writing Sheets created for students’ after-school exercise purposes.
—Extra e-learning videos produced in helping the students to learn most frequently used Chinese characters



Beginner Level I Mandarin Chinese for Youth ($16)



Thanks and we anticipate this program will bring your child/children a brand-new learning experience and essential knowledge and skills in Mandarin Chinese!