Andy Q. Zhang, President/Principal/Chief Program Officer            
Andy is a recognized Chinese linguistic and cultural specialist with over 28 years of extensive experience in translation, interpretation, teaching, training and research in Mandarin Chinese. Andy possesses rich expertise and strong capability in Mandarin Chinese language teaching and Chinese cultural research. He has solid work experience in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. Andy earned a distinguished score on Mandarin Chinese Test conducted by Illinois Certification Testing Systems (ICTS). Andy is a long-term member of Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA) and a certified translator of the Illinois State Early Intervention Program. 

Andy is the author of a number of published books such as Mandarin Chinese Beginner-Level I (2018); Mandarin Chinese Beginner-Level II (2017); Mandarin Chinese Beginner-level III (2013); Beginner-to-Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (2014); Intermediate-to-Advanced Level Mandarin Chinese (2013). Andy's new books "Intermediate-Level Mandarin Chinese" and "Advanced Level I Mandarin Chinese" and his educational book "Chinese Culture and Business Etiquette" will be completed by the middle of 2018. 

Andy has offered Chinese lessons and cultural seminars to teachers and students from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Graduate School of Business at University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, Stanford University, Cornell University, Brown University, Harvard University, DePaul University, Indiana University, Loyola University Chicago, Columbia University, University of Georgia and the College of William & Marry. 

Previous organizations Andy has served include Ministry of Commerce of China, China National Electronics Import & Export Corp., Silicon International Limited, VTEL, Motorola and Ericsson, Sweden. 

Andy earned his Bachelor's Degree in Economics and a Master's Degree in Business Administration. 

 Rebecca Yang, Director of Adults Tutoring Program                               
Rebecca Yang worked in the transportation and IT industries in China for four years before switching to education industry. She taught English and Chinese for both children and adults in a private language school for two years and then decided to pursue further study in education in the States. She completed a master program in school psychology in Miami University in Ohio and is a certified school psychologist in both Ohio and Illinois states. She has just started working for Chicago Public School as a bilingual school psychologist in 2007. She travels between four to six schools on a weekly basis and work with students with special educational needs, such as learning disabilities, cognitive impairment, and various behavioral and emotional issues.

 Hongmei Dong, One-on-One Private Tutoring Manager for Young Children & Adults
Ms. Hongmei Dong received her PhD in literacy program at the College of Education, the University of Illinois at Chicago. Throughout her teaching career, Hongmei has worked as a Chinese language tutor for many adults and children who were learning Mandarin as a foreign language. She has also been an English teacher in various educational settings—college, high school, companies, after-school programs, and one-on-one instruction.  In addition to teaching, Hongmei also likes jogging and learning cooking from TV chefs.

 Marci Bergeson, Director of  Finance & Accounting
Marci graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in English Education. The previous companies Marci has served include UnitedHealthcare and Riverside Publishing. She speaks Spanish fluently and has learned Mandarin Chinese for three years. Marci has made remarkable contributions to Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center in terms of teaching content design and human resources management.

Our Other Native Chinese Teachers

  • Dali Shi, Senior Chinese Teacher & Private Tutor in charge of Suburban Area
As a senior-level Mandarin Chinese teacher,  Ms. Shi has more than twenty years of experiences teaching Chinese Language. Ms. Shi worked as a Chinese language lecturer at Henan Province Women’s Academy and Tsinghua University of China, and she had taught Chinese at more than five Chinese Schools and Colleges in USA. She taught Gonzaga University in WA most recently before she joined the faculty team of Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center. Ms. Shi graduated from the Department of Chinese Language at Zhengzhou University and Fudan University. Besides her teaching work, she likes writing, cooking Chinese food and various sport activities.

  • Anna Kwok, Cantonese Teacher and Interpreter
Anna Kwok was born and received formal education in Hong Kong. She graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor Degree in Human Resources Management. Her past work experience was mainly related to human resources in a leading bank in Hong Kong. As a native Cantonese Chinese speaker, Anna is fluent in Cantonese language. She possesses good communication and interpersonal skills and is also able to teach Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese. She is always friendly, patient, and is passionate to teach Cantonese and share Hong Kong culture with people.

  • Chengkuan (Levy) Zhou, Teenager & Adult Teacher
Right after Mr. Zhou graduated from Yunnan Normal University, China, he started to teach ESL immediately at the same university until December, 1995. As an exchange professor at South Dakota State University, he taught Chinese and gave presentations about China and Chinese Culture. He has multiple years of teaching experiences in various subjects both in China and the United States. Mr. Zhou received his bachelor degree in English language and his master Degree in linguistics and literature. He also received his second master's degree from South Dakota State University.

Mr. Zhou likes reading, literature, history, language learning, and Chinese calligraphy. He like Chinese food; and he like cooking, too. He likes sports and computer surfing as well. He likes watching World news. When he has time, he likes watching movies on computers. He has various hobbies.

  • Emma Le Children and Teenager Teacher
Emma holds a Master of Arts in American Studies from Heidelberg University, Germany and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Suzhou University of Science and Technology, China. She has been a language tutor for individuals since 2003 and had worked as a language trainer for an American company in Shenzhen for one year. Emma also has over three years of solid experiences in administration, coordination and translation by working at international corporations. Emma is very interested and familiar with cross-cultural communications at both interpersonal and business levels. As a teacher, she is very patient, energetic and with a high sense of responsibility.

  • Sophia Shi, Young Children & Youth Program
Sophia Shi, a native mandarin speaker from Beijing. She graduated from University of Huddersfield in 2004, majored in education in development. She also gained her MBA degree from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2010. Sophia has 4 years teaching experience and 6 years business profession background in China. She taught both business professionals and children (aged from 4—8) in professional language schools. With warm personality and highly sense of responsibility Sophia always earns respect and positive feedback from students, parents, and business clients. She believes that with strong interest and keep faith you will learn perfect Chinese.

  • Jing Niu, Private Tutoring Program 
As a native Mandarin Chinese speaker, Jing Niu has taught Chinese language for about 6 years. Her previous students include both adults and young children. Jing teaches both group classes and private tutoring classes for individuals. Jing Niu found teaching Mandarin Chinese a highly interesting and rewarding work. Jing thinks it is a great experience to see so many people opening their minds with an attempt to learn the language and to understand the Chinese culture. 

  • Molly Xu, Private Tutoring Instructor for Adult Program
Molly was a vocational high school teacher from 2008 to 2010. Molly taught almost 130 students for Chinese language and literature each year and she won the excellent teacher award for 2009-2010. Molly joined Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center in June and she teaches our learning members at different levels as well as the interesting and diverse Chinese culture. Molly's major advantages lie in following up people's psychological developments to educate adults and/or children to learn Mandarin Chinese in a fast and smart way. She is also good at listening and communicating. Molly's Hobbies include Reading Chinese books, Writing Chinese articles, Chinese food cooking(Chinese Medium chef), Recorder playing, Huangmei opera and singing.

  • Xia Zhao, Chinese Teacher in charge of the cities of Woodstock, Crystal Lake, Belvidere, Maremgo, IL
As a native Mandarin Chinese speaker. Xia  has over-10 years of teaching work in China. Xia has been constantly exploring innovative and effective methods helping our learning members to get what they need within a short time. Xia also likes to find creative ideas to improve her teaching skills which are also able to make her class more interesting. Her motto is "Find problems and solve them, then you will make a big progress". Currently Xia is the only teacher in charge of the suburban cities such as Woodstock, Crystal Lake, Belvidere and Maremgo, IL. 

  • Honglian Dai, Chinese Language Teacher in charge of Houston, Texas
Graduated from Sias International University in 2006, Honglian continued to work with the International Student Program for one year and also taught Mandarin Chinese at Beginner-Level. The major courses Honglian taught include Chinese intensive reading, Chinese character writing as well as conversational Chinese. Honglian had broad experiences in one-no-one tutoring and group class teaching. Honglian has taught students coming from America, Japan, Korea, and some European countries. 

  • Deqiu Kong, Chinese Teacher in charge of Suburban Young Children Program
Deqiu received her Masters Degree from Nanjing Normal University.  A native Mandarin Chinese speaker, Deqiu has over 20 years experience teaching minors in China.  Her love for students, passion for teaching, and familiarity with Chinese history and culture, fuels her desire to provide a fun and pleasant Chinese language environment for children.

  • Bo Lian, Mandarin Chinese Private Tutor for Adult Learning Program
Bo Lian has 5 years of teaching experiences in Mandarin Chinese in China and the United States. Bo Lian received her Master Degree from Illinois Institute of Technology with a major in Finance. Bo Lian is pursuing Chinese linguistics for her next goal. Bo Lian is happy to tutor students and spend pleasure time with children and willing to help people who would like to study Chinese business language. Bo Lian also maintains strong interests in sinology research and Chinese calligraphy.

  • Shu Cao, Mandarin Teacher for Adult Learning Program
Shu Cao has worked as a tutor of Chinese Language in multi-culture families since 1995 and then she worked as a Chinese Language teacher in North Shore Chinese Christian Language School from August 2003 through March 2004. Shu Cao has experiences in teaching both Pre-Kindergarten Class (age 4 to 5) and adult lessons on a one-on-one private tutoring basis. Shu Cao has unrivalled passion in teaching both spoken and written Chinese domestically and internationally. The individuals and families she has tutored are mainly from U.S, South Korea, Thailand and Japan and the students' ages range from 4 to 50. 

  • Yijun Ding, Mandarin Chinese Teacher for Young Children & Youth Programs
Graduated from Hangzhou Normal University with a Bachelor's Degree in Chinese Language & Literature, Yijun also received her Master's Degree in English Studies & Communication from Valparaiso University. Yijun's strong Chinese academic background and language skills, as well as her engaging teaching ideas, make her class interesting and culturally involved. Her previous students come from both high school and college. The schools Yijun has ever taught include Washington Township High School and Confucius Institute. Yijun gained wide experiences in how to best improve students' Chinese learning ability. Now, she is a Ph.D candidate in Chinese Poetry. 

  • Tiffany Ting Fen, Mandarin Chinese Teacher for Weekend Young Children Program
Tiffany graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Master degree, double major in Intercultural Communication and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and a Bachelor degree in Speech Communication.  During her time in college, Tiffany worked as a Chinese tutor conducting  study sessions and tutoring students for College level Chinese courses. Before coming to the states Tiffany worked at a children’s learning center teaching English to children ages 3-12. After graduation, she began working at a worldwide export trading company  translating Chinese and English business letters and contracts. Tiffany enjoys interacting with people and learning about different cultures. She has an outgoing personality.

  • Chloe Liu, Mandarin Chinese Teacher for Adults & Young Children Program
Chloe received her bachelor degree in Journalism from Shanghai University Of Finance and Economics and her master degree from IIT Stuart Business School, specializing in Marketing Communication. Before coming to the United States, Chloe achieved the first class level in the Standard Mandarin Test (普通话测试,一级甲等水平). Additionally, Chloe has one-on-one Chinese teaching experience and received high commendations from her students about her teaching.  Chloe is full of passion in teaching Mandarin Chinese and her easy-going personality helps her to provide a wonderful learning experience for Mandarin Chinese learners.

  • Anna Gustafson, Mandarin Chinese Teacher for Teenagers & Adults Program
Originally from Portland, Oregon, Anna attended Chinese high school in Dalian, China and has received language study grants from the University of Chicago to return and continue her Mandarin studies in Kunming. She has been teaching Mandarin for over five years alongside coursework for her English Literature and Chinese majors, and she is so excited to become a full-time Chinese teacher after graduation next year. Anna has extensive experience with children and teenagers but is loving her new adult classes as well. Anna enjoys traveling, hiking, dancing, and trying new food in Chicago in her spare time.

  • Freda Fan, Mandarin Chinese Teacher for Youth & Adults Program
Freda Fan, a native Mandarin speaker from Beijing, China, joined our team in March 2014. Freda has over seven years of teaching experiences in Mandarin Chinese in China and the United States. Freda has been a Mandarin Chinese tutor for individuals since 2010. She's major advantages lie in educating adults to learn Chinese in a fast and smart way. She is very patient and energetic. She likes reading books and listening music.

  • Olivia Chen, Mandarin Chinese Teacher for Youth & Adults Program
Olivia Chen was born in Beijing, China and she received her first bachelor degree in 2007 from Information and Technology Science University and her second bachelor degree in 2009 at Beijing Jiaotong University with a  major in Human Resources Management. In 2014, she also earned her MBA degree from University of Illinois at Chicago. Olivia has had six years working experiences in the educational industry in China. The previous  professions she was engaged include teaching quality control and monitoring and tutoring foreign students. She taught both business professionals as well as young children at professional language school. The passion of teaching Mandarin Chinese makes her a proactive teacher who is dedicated to teaching. Olivia's spare hobbies include playing tennis, swimming and listening to music.

  • Lily Zhang, Mandarin Chinese Teacher for Youth & Adults Program
Lily graduated from the University of Chicago with a M.A. in Humanities and Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) with a B.A. in English Literature. She has worked for one year as a Chinese tutor at DePauw University where she conducted one-on-one private tutoring courses for college students. Meanwhile, she also assisted professors in organizing cultural events for the community. As a teacher, Lily pays close attention to each learner’s improvements and actively solves problems through adjustment of  teaching. In addition to her passion for Chinese language teaching, Lily also loves literature, classical music, baking and cooking, as well as sharing foods with families and friends. 

  • Susan Wu, Mandarin Chinese Teacher for Young Children & Teenager Program
Susan's undergraduate major is teaching Chinese as the Second Language at Tianjin Normal University. During the four years, Susan taught dozens of  adults learners who come from different countries around the world, which helped her gain rich experience as a Chinese language teacher in Tianjin Normal University's Chinese training center.  After she graduated, she majored Education in Heidelberg University, Ohio and worked as a part-time Chinese teacher at a middle School for one year. Susan received her Master Degree from Heidelberg University in May 2014 and she is working as an upper elementary Chinese teacher at Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center.  Susan's spare hobbies includes yoga, watching movies,  traveling, reading, and cooking Chinese food.

  • Annie Li, Mandarin Chinese Teacher for Young Children & Adult Program
Annie has two years teaching experience in Mandarin Chinese, both for language classes at the University of Chicago and as a private tutor. She is especially experienced with beginning level instruction and enjoys demonstrating to the learners the glamour of the Chinese language and culture. Annie also specializes in advanced Mandarin teaching, especially in speaking and listening, for students who aldreay had a decent foundation in Chinese. Annie graduated from the University of Chicago with a Master degree in Public Policy. She was born and raised in Beijing and she has multiple hobbies such as soccer, kickboxing, photography, oil painting and almost every kind of outdoor sport.

  • Peishan (Liz Li), Mandarin Chinese Teacher , Young Children & Adult Program
Liz was born and grew up in Beijing. She received her Master’s degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, majored in Comparative and World Literature, and her Bachelor’s degree from Beijing Language and Culture University majored in Chinese Language and Literature. She taught Chinese at UIUC from elementary level to advanced business Chinese, from regular curriculum session to intensive program. Her students’ age range from 18 to 60. With a strong interest in reading and writing, an open mind towards culture and languages, Liz is passionate in teaching,  not only Chinese language, but also the business-oriented Mandarin Chinese. Apart from teaching, Liz also works as a translator, a story-teller, a blog writer, a stained glass craftsman, and a video editor. 

  • Anna Gao, Mandarin Chinese Teacher , Young Children & Adult Program
Born and raised in Beijing', Anna has been studying English language since grade school, culminating in an intensive curriculum at the renowned No. 5 Academy. As a student of both Linguistics and Asian Studies with advanced degrees both in the U.S. and in China, Anna has extensive experience teaching both English and Chinese as second languages to students of all ages. Having successfully pursued a statistical finance career in Boston, Anna was drawn back to Chicago by the joys of motherhood and her love of teaching.

  • Vivian Li, Mandarin Chinese Teacher, Adults and Teenager Program
Vivian has three year Chinese tutoring experiences when she studied at Case Western Reserve University, she had the experiences to help students with Chinese language studies from beginner level to advanced level. Vivian has conducted both one-on-one and group tutoring lessons focusing on reading, writing and speaking. She is also experienced on tutoring business vocabulary and Chinese culture for corporate clients. Vivian shares knowledge on Chinese cultural norms and practices as an integral part of her lessons. 

  • Leila Lu, Mandarin Chinese Teacher, Adults and Young Children Program
Leila received her Bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Shanghai University and her Master degree in Education from DePaul University. As a native Chinese speaker, Leila has been teaching and tutoring Chinese to both children and adults for over four years, and she has established stable relationship with parents and students. By designing creative curriculum and implanting various culture-related classes, Leila aims to create a multicultural language learning environment for students of different  levels and ages. Leila enjoys reading and traveling, which she deems as her best ways to explore the world and different cultures.  

  • Jane He, Mandarin Chinese/Cantonese Teacher, Adults Teaching Program
Jane graduated from Guangdong Education Institute with a major in English education, where she started her professional career as an English teacher.  Jane has been teaching English in Guangzhou Huaying Middle School for 4 years. She successfully passed the Standard Chinese Proficiency Test and was issued the Level A certificate in 2008. Jane has been teaching both Chinese and Cantonese programs for adults at Chicago Mandarin Center since 2012. She has taught both individual classes and group classes. Before joining Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center, Jane also taught over 70 young children and teenagers aged from 6 to 15 in terms of reading and writing in Mandarin Chinese and helped them achieve significant improvements in their Chinese learning. Jane loves singing and dancing. 

  • Helena Zhang, Mandarin Chinese Teacher, Adults and Young Children Teaching Program
Helen received her Master degree in Finance from DePaul University in 2013, where she reinstated her passion in education and continued her study in Masters in World Language Education at DePaul University and graduated in 2015.  Helena is a K-12 native Mandarin Chinese Teacher certified by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).  Helena possesses extensive experiences in teaching students at different ages and with different proficiencies. She always has great enthusiasm to bring in her professional teaching experience with her authentic Chinese language and cultural backgrounds to her Chinese  class. In her pastime, she enjoys reading history and exploring the diversity of the neighborhoods  in Chicago.

  • Jennifer Wang,  Mandarin Chinese Teacher, Adults and Young Children Teaching Program
Jeanette received her BA in English Linguistic and Literature at Hangzhou University, China and her TEFL certificate at Montfort University, UK.  Jeanette has had an extensive 20-year teaching experiences in English and American culture at Zhejiang University of Technology in China and two-year practical instruction experiences in Mandarin Chinese and culture at Confucius Institute in Chicago area. Jeanette has a passion in teaching language as well as the culture and traditions behind the culture and she is always happy to help her students achieve their goals and objectives. Besides her teaching interests,  she loves cooking Chinese food, traveling and playing table tennis.

  • Wing Wei, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Teacher, Adults and Youth Teaching Program
Graduated at Xinjiang Arts University with a BA in TV Producing. Wing has achieved the First-Class Proficiency in  Standard Mandarin Chinese Test. Being a native Cantonese Mandarin Chinese speaker, Wing came to Chicago in 2014 and has been teaching Mandarin Chinese. Wing also has two years experience as a Interpreter (in both Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese) in Chicagoland. She is passionate about culinary arts both in Chinese and western cooking. She likes event hosting, plating design, dancing, singing, swimming and playing badminton. 


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