One-on-One Private Tutoring Program

One-On-One Private Tutoring Program

Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center provides business professionals and individual learners with a uniquely designed Mandarin Chinese program which is taught through one-on-one private tutoring arrangement.  This program is specifically designed for those who have had a certain foundation in Mandarin Chinese but desire to upgrade their communications skills by closing the gaps in their fluency. One of the prominent features of this program is that our clients have a high level of flexibility in determine the class date, time slots, the number of classes they wish to take within a week and thus control their learning paces. Each private tutoring class typically runs for 1.5 hours at the rate of 40 dollars per hour. Additionally this program can also provide our clients with a customized learning approach so that they can improve their weak area in the language and/or focus on their business-related learning content (at  a rate of 50 dollars per hour). 

Who Should Attend?

Our 1-On-1 Private Tutoring is an highly concentrated and interactive teaching program based on customized content and flexible schedules. This program is most ideal for those business leaders, company professionals, frequent travelers, or individual learners who have already reached a certain level in Mandarin Chinese and aim at further enhancing their communication skills. 

Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center differentiates itself from other learning organizations, colleges and schools which have been using the old-fashioned “one-teaching-package-fits-all” approach. Instead, we highly emphasize each individual learner’s needs and preferences and incorporate a high percentage of customized content into our one-on-one private tutoring program. Our One-on-One Private Tutoring Program is especially suitable for those who have learned Mandarin Chinese before and wish to upgrade their skills in a short term. Our One-on-One Private Tutoring Program can be tailored to the executives’ learning needs.

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