5-Week Summer-season Mandarin Chinese Crash Course

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Summer-season Crash Course

Our 5-Week Basic Level Mandarin Chinese crash course is specially designed for those who wish to gain a basic knowledge and some needed skills in Mandarin Chinese within a short period of time. This program has benefited hundreds of executives and students before they travel, reside or work in China. We perfectly understand your anxiety and your needs of knowing how to deal with the cultural differences and how to communicate with the Chinese people in a simple and easy way before you set your feet on a brand-new sphere. 

The 5-Week  Basic-level crash course gives you a Taste of Mandarin – geared to those who want to learn Mandarin Chinese but are afraid of a commitment for a regular class. This program is ideal for those who want a quick summer course that won’t tie up their whole summer time. 

About the Class
Our 4-Week Basic-level crash course is an integrated program incorporating both basic Mandarin Chinese language and Chinese culture, customs and etiquette. Through this program, you will gain the basic communication skills as well as the needed knowledge associated with the China-Western cultural differences within a short period of time. 

Who Should Attend?
Business travelers, students, visiting scholars, tourists and family member visitors who are about to travel to China soon but don’t have sufficient time to learn the Chinese language systematically. 

What does the Program Focus?
Speaking, reading and listening comprehension (95%); Chinese Culture & Etiquette (5%). 

What will be Taught?
– Chinese pronunciations;
– Survival phrases and expressions;
– Simple dialogues;
– Asking and answering questions;
– China-Western cultural differences
– Chinese customs, traditions and etiquette

What are included?
– A binder of print learning materials covering all the Basics courses
– Audio Clips for all the courses contained in the binder

When will the Class be Offered?
The class could be offered anytime at your convenience. 

What is the Usual Size of the Class?
6-8 Participants 

How to Register the Class?
Class Registration​