About Us

Mandarin Chinese has unquestionably been the most popularly used language in the world today! Mastery of Mandarin Chinese grants you an opportunity to communicate with a language that 1.5 billion people around the globe are using. Find out today how you can be one of them through our various teaching programs. Our native Chinese experts are ready to provide you with a friendly, professional and a brand-new learning experience at an affordable price. 
Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center, a legal entity of Ganlin Corporation, is a leading Chinese language education and business culture training organization as well as a major translation agency of all major Asian languages. Our unique teaching approach and carefully designed Chinese courses, business education sessions, featured seminars and our proprietary “5-in-1” Learn Chinese 6.0 software have benefited hundreds of managerial executives, business professionals, university teachers, students, individuals, and private/public enterprise decision-makers who maintain a desire to gain their basic, intermediate and even advanced level of Mandarin Chinese skills. 
Through a number of highly customized teaching programs based on each individual learner’s linguistic interests, career requirements and personal preferences, Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center helps its learning members acquire an important skill-set in an efficient, flexible and cost-effective way.
Contact us today for any questions or class information, you would soon witness a brand-new learning experience from the combination of language study and cultural education at Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center!
Both our private tutoring and group learning program integrate a certain amount of customized content which is closely associated with each learner’s specific industry together with needed Chinese business etiquette, cultural and historic background as well as Chinese folk custom and traditions. We are committed to providing all our registered members with the leading-edge teaching approach, best-in-class learning tools, materials and study environment to enable them to master Mandarin Chinese in a rapid way.