Intensive Learning Program

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Intensive Learning Program

For those who are planning to visit or travel to China within a short-term, this will be an ideal program. Intensive Learning Lessons are offered 2-4 hours a week for a period of 4-12 weeks to help you not only gain a good knowledge about Chinese culture and business etiquette, but most importantly the basic Mandarin Chinese language skills in a short time. This program focuses on oral expressions and daily communications. By attending this program, learners will be possibly accomplish the 8-session Beginner-level I program within 3-4 weeks. 

Who Should Attend? 
Intensive Learning Program is most suitable for those who are going  to travel, work or study in China shortly. 

The Intensive Learning Program can be combined with one of our other teaching programs such as full-customized Mandarin Chinese learning program or business-oriented Mandarin Chinese program.  The combined approach is especially suitable for those who wish to grasp the language in a relatively short term through an intensive learning period.

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