Chinese Business Etiquette Seminar

Individuals and organizations today are facing increasingly elevated challenges in cross-cultural business environment. How to greet your Chinese clients when you meet them for the first time? How to present your business card? What are the rules and guidelines to give them a presentation? What are  the likes and taboos in a formal or casual meeting with them? What are the “norms” you may observe in terms of dress codes, gift-giving and even attending a Chinese banquet? What are Chinese and Westerners frown upon when they are dealing with each other? These are just a small portion of business etiquette-related questions. 
Business etiquette is a unique cultural phenomenon that is widely existed and perceived in the business world. It is a combination of behavior codes and social norms. Simply put, Chinese business etiquette is all about your dos and don’ts when you are working with Chinese business communities. 

Since 2004, Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center has hosted over 40 seminars for individuals and organizations in response to address their interests in Chinese Culture and Business Etiquette.

Our Chinese Cultural and Business Etiquette seminar usually takes 3-4 hours with extensive information and knowledge included. The seminar is meticulously designed for individuals who hold strong academic interests in Chinese culture or the organizations which have close business relations with China. 

The seminar helps you gain a profound understanding on the cultural differences between China and the Western world. Knowing the cultural differences and Chinese business etiquette will certainly put you in a good position in dealing with your Chinese business partners.  

The key-note speakers of the seminar are all Chinese experts in the subject matter. by attending the seminar, you will gain needed knowledge in:

  • Recognizing the cultural differences between China and Western countries 
  • Avoiding misunderstanding between you and your Chinese business partners
  • Acting or behaving properly in various social occasions and communications
  • Building steadfast interpersonal or business relationship with your customers
  • Winning your customers in a highly competitive business environment
At the end of the seminar, there is a Q & A session to address all your questions you may have about the Chinese culture and business etiquette. 

Please feel free to Contact Us if you are interested in registering our Chinese Cultural and Business Etiquette Seminar.