Mandarin Chinese Programs

Welcome to the world of Mandarin Chinese language! There are 10 meticulously-designed learning programs available At Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center, we have 10 well-designed learning programs available for learners of different ages and at different levels. These programs help you to master the Mandarin Chinese language systematically and progressively.

Our 10 Progressive Mandarin Chinese Learning Programs

Your Mandarin Chinese learning path

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How to enroll to our Chinese program
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Beginner Level Programs
  • Beginner-level I Mandarin Chinese Program (16 Lessons)
  • Beginner-Level II Mandarin Chinese Program (14 Lessons)
  • Beginner-Level III Mandarin Chinese Program (10 Lessons)
  • Beginner-to-Intermediate Level Mandarin Chinese Program (10 Lessons)
Intermediate Level Programs
  • Intermediate-Level I Mandarin Chinese Program (10 Lessons)
  • Intermediate-Level II Mandarin Chinese Program (10 Lessons)
  • Intermediate-Level III Mandarin Chinese Program (10 Lessons)
  • Intermediate-to-Advanced Level Mandarin Chinese Program (10 Lessons)
Advanced Level Programs
  • Advanced-Level I Mandarin Chinese Program (10 Lessons)
  • Advanced-Level II Mandarin Chinese Program (10 Lessons)
Our Other Learning Programs
  • Business-oriented Mandarin Chinese Course
  • Conversation-only Mandarin Chinese Course  
  • Intensive Learning Couse 
  • Customized Learning Course 
  • Chinese Culture Seminar  
  • Chinese Business Etiquette Seminar 

Group Chinese Class – Offered in Week-day Evenings or Weekends
Our Group Class helps you establish needed skills and knowledge in Mandarin Chinese quickly and effectively. The Group Class is most ideal for the beginner-stage learners who intend to learn Mandarin Chinese within a relative short term. The Group Class meets once a week at a particular week-day evening time (typically from 6:00pm-7:45pm) or on Saturdays (in the middle of the day). Group programs are the most popular offerings at Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center.  

One-On-One Private Tutoring
Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center (CMCC) provides dedicated resources to business professionals, executives and individuals who have special learning needs and irregular working schedule through our one-on-one private tutoring arrangements. Our one-on-one private tutoring classes are geared to learners specific learning requirements and proficiency and helps them uplift their personal credentials, advantages and capabilities in solving business-related issues or academic challenges. Unlike the traditional universities, colleges and schools which tend to use the old-fashioned “one-textbook-fits-all” approach, we provide highly customized learning materials and assisting tools to satisfy each individual learner’s learning needs. 

Our one-on-one private tutoring program is ideal for those who have had a certain foundation in Mandarin Chinese (i.e. have had about 6 months intensive studies) and wish to upgrade their Mandarin Chinese skills continuously. If you would like to know some further detail, please Read More or Contact Us.

Business-oriented Mandarin Chinese Class
China’s dramatic economic growth over the past decade has fueled a world-wide interests and demand for learning Mandarin Chinese language. Business organizations which have working relations with China have benefited from our business-oriented Mandarin program. Our business-oriented Mandarin Chinese program helps companies and their employees overcome pragmatic problems they are constantly facing today due to the language barriers and the shortage of knowledge associated with Chinese business etiquette and enterprise culture. Our Business-oriented Mandarin program combines standard Mandarin Chinese teaching with industry-specific terms, dialogue and negotiation skills which enables business professionals easily confront the complexities and challenges of their business environment.

Our Business-oriented Mandarin Chinese Class is ideal for those who have completed their Beginner-Level I, Beginner-Level II, Beginner-level III and Beginner-to-Intermediate-level studies and anticipate to apply their Mandarin Chinese skills to the particular industries they are working at. Please Read More or Contact Us for further information.

Intensive Learning Program
This program is crucial for those who are planning to travel, work or live in China shortly. Learners can determine the number of classes to take within a week and we will work on your pace. Through an intensive learning with a given period of time, we help you to achieve your goal by gaining a good knowledge and a basic Mandarin Chinese language skills quickly and effectively. This is program highly focuses on building your conversational skills used for  daily communications. Please Read More or Contact Us for further information.

Customized Learning Program
You provide whatever you want to learn in English and leave the rest to us. We design the learning courses based on the materials you provide. This is a 100% tailor-made program geared up to satisfy your special learning needs and interests in a particular area. Please Read More or Contact Us for more information.

Young Children & Youth Program

Our Young Children & Youth Programs are specially designed for children between 5-12 and teenagers between 13-18. Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center provides highly experienced native Chinese teachers, some of our them have been working with local Public Schools for multiple years. We have abundant teaching resources and learning materials available for learners at the age between 3-17. Our carefully designed Young Children & Youth Learning Program are normally taught on weekends. We welcome those parents who are serious in considering Mandarin Chinese education for their young children.  Please Read More or Contact Us for more information.

Please Contact Us today by email or by phone if you would like to receive more information about the pricing, schedule and syllabus of any of our learning program.