An Integrated Learning Approach Addressing All the Challenges You May Face in Learning

Onsite Learning

Our onsite learning solution provides you a face-to-face learning experience at our building located in downtown Chicago. You may also have such learning experience at your own facility. Our onsite learning could either be conducted in a group setting or on a one-on-one private tutoring basis.
Live Online Learning
Our live classes are taught in real-time so our learning members can get personalized feedback from their teachers and interact with other learning members.
We use industry-leading Zoom as our Live Online Learning platform.
Our well-designed e-Learning videos are widely recognized as a powerful and effective learning tool which helps our clients in reviewing, exercising and solidifying what they learn from and after their classroom studies.  It is also helps the learners to make up their missed out classroom sessions due to their schedule change. 
  • Our Onsite Classes offer you an inspiring, motivating and amusing learning experience 
  • Our Live Online Classes offer you a high flexibility in schedule and save your time on transportation
  • Our e-Learning Classes solidify your knowledge and constantly strengthen your skills