Beginner Level III Mandarin Chinese Program

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10-Session Beginner Level III Mandarin Chinese Program

Our 10-Session Beginner-Level III Mandarin Chinese Program is a carefully designed course for learners who have completed both Beginner Level I and Beginner Level II studies at our center or for those who have previously learned Mandarin Chinese for 3-4  semesters from other sources. The goal of this program is to help learners further upgrade their skills  in speaking, reading and listening comprehension.

What are included?

  • 7-Week classroom sessions (each classroom lesson runs for 1 hour 30 minutes).
  • 3 e-learning sessions which allow you to complete the Level III at your own pace.  
  • A free published book “Mandarin Chinese Beginner-Level III”
  • Free Audio recordings for all text lessons contained in the book.
  • Free flashcards of all text lessons in the book.
  • Free to make up any missed classroom lesson when it is taught again (at different dates & times).                                                           

Course Structure

  • 300 new commonly used Chinese characters and usage  
  • Chinese character pronunciation, phrases and expressions 
  • Multiple practically used situational dialogues and syntax analysis
  • Business etiquette education, Chinese history, traditions and customs

Main Features

  • Meet once a week in a particular week-day evening (6:00pm-7:30pm) or weekend (during the day).
  • Highly focus on speaking, reading, and listening comprehension (95%), culture and etiquette (5%).
  • Interact with multiple practically used situational dialogues to enhance expressions and communication skills.
  • Applying the unique “learn-by-cultural-correlation” approach for fast learning
  • Classroom sessions coupled with e-learning that enable the learners a flexibility in studying.

If you are interested in our 10-Seesion Beginner-Level III Mandarin Chinese Program, please Contact Us by email today.

If you are not sure if our Beginner Level III Mandarin Chinese program is appropriate to match your current level, please Contact Us today to receive a free 10-minute phone assessment and free sample text materials.