Our Solutions and Policy on Making up Missed Class/Classes

At the Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center, we encourage all participants in our classes to put forth their best efforts to accomplish all the sessions within their enrolled program For individuals who unavoidably miss a class or classes due to changes in their work schedule, travel arrangements, temporary schedule conflicts, or unforeseen emergencies, we provide opportunities for them to make up the missed classes through the following options:


  1. We offer a one-year learning credit for any attendee who has paid the full tuition fee for a particular program. This allows attendees to make up missed classes by attending a concurrent same-level program or a program within one year whenever the missed class is taught again. There is NO EXTRA fee for attendees to make up missed classes in this way.
  2. At the beginning of each new class, we allocate at least one-third of the time to review the previous class, as part of our teaching routine. This practice assists attendees in partially ‘making up’ for any missed classes.
  3. We provide all attendees with e-learning videos and audio recordings for all classes that have been taught. Attendees who miss a class are encouraged to utilize the e-learning video and audio recordings, along with other learning tools, to make up for any missed classes at their own convenience.
  4. An attendee can also make up for missed classes through our one-on-one private tutoring arrangement. The cost for making up a class through our private tutoring arrangement is $70 per class, and each makeup lesson runs for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The schedule for makeup lessons can be flexibly set up based on mutual availability.