Suitable for Learners at all different levels, professions and ages

Mandarin Chinese group settings for adults

Size of the Classes

Time of the Classes

Focus of the Classes

  • Usually involves 10-12 participants with same or similar level
  • A class of 3 or more than 3 participants are considered a group class
  • Classes can be taught onsite and/or Live Online through Zoom Platform.
  • Suitable for adults, teenagers, youth and young children
  • Classes can be arranged any day/time in a week.
  • For local learners, classes are usually taught in a particular weekday evenings (6:00pm-7:30pm) or weekends (Saturdays or Sundays) any time during the day. 
  • Online group classes can be taught any day and any time in a week. 
  • Focus of the classes can be different depending on learners’ situations and preferences.
  • Speaking, reading and listening comprehension are usually the main focus of our different programs but writing could be added depending on learners’ interest and preferences. 

Benefits of attending a group class

It’s inspiring and motivating to be surrounded by dedicated, like-minded individuals.  Our past work experience proves that learners engaged in group work, or cooperative learning, show increased individual achievement compared to learners who work alone, especially for beginner level learners.
Participants are involved in a highly interactive learning environment. Questions are answered instantly and exercises are done jointly and class attendees can act as learning partners with others.
Attending group classes offers you a chance to meet new people who you may have plenty in common with and it is a good way to flex your social skills. 
You can meet up with other members before and after the class, creating lasting relationships.
Group work obviously enhances your communication and other professional development skills.

Most Beginner Level Learners prefer to start their initial learning process in an in-person group setting at a physical environment. By doing so, they believe that they can have a good chance to interact with the teacher directly. 

We fully understand your preferences. Our onsite learning programs have benefited thousands of learners since 2004.

Our onsite learning solution provides you a face-to-face learning experience at our building located in downtown Chicago. You may also have such learning experience at your own facility. Our onsite learning could either be conducted in a group setting or on a one-on-one private tutoring basis. 

“Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center is an exceptional place to go for students of all levels.  I took lesson there for about a year after college and dramatically increased my skills.  The teachers are both talented and patient.  The two instructors I had were both flexible to work at a speed that matched my skill level as it evolved but were professional enough to challenge me along the way.  This program has given me both the skills and confidence to come to China and utilize my hard work as I travel the country.  I would recommend this school to anyone looking to expand their Mandarin proficiency”.

Mark C., Western Springs, IL​
​”I just arrived home after the first beginning Mandarin I class, and I felt very encouraged and positive. I have to admit that as a person who speaks a couple of languages, Mandarin was (categorically) a very intimidating language. Somehow you made so much sense of it, and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I was speaking to a few of my classmates as we departed, and they were excited and positive as well. Thanks for making the subject of Mandarin fun, fresh, and interesting!”

— Neka B., Chicago