Advanced Level II Mandarin Chinese Program

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Advanced-Level II Program


Our Advanced-level II Mandarin Chinese program is a meticulously-designed course aiming at helping executives, business professionals, scholars, students majored in Mandarin Chinese, educators, researchers and entrepreneurs who are interested in upgrading their existing proficiency so as to achieve a high level of fluency in Mandarin Chinese.

Who Should Attend?
Advanced-Level Class is a geared up towards those who have learned Mandarin Chinese for 4-5 years and preferably have ever lived, studied or worked in China for at least 6 months.

Features of Advanced-Level II Mandarin Chinese Program

Our Advanced-Level is highly customized based on each individual client’s needs. There is no time limit for Advanced-Level Program. Content and schedule are also flexible. 

Advanced Level I: Proficiency Assessment
At this level, you are closely as proficient in Mandarin Chinese as you are in your native language. In other words, you can:
  • Speak Mandarin Chinese fluently on various topics with a limited number of errors;
  • Change the style of communication depending on the situation;
  • Know and use Chinese idioms, phrases, and word combinations;
  • Write narratives, reports, articles, and summaries of films, books, and events;
  • Your vocabulary level is 2,200-2,500 commonly used Chinese characters, and,
  • Speak Mandarin Chinese just like a native speaker who was born and raised in a Chinese-speaking country.
Compare your abilities and knowledge with the descriptions that have been provided above, and you’ll have a general idea of your current level in Mandarin Chinese. There are many online tests you can take, but they cannot wholly determine your language level. To adequately assess your language level, you may need to test every aspect of the language: grammar, speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

This program is mostly taught on a one-on-one private tutoring basis, but it could also be taught in a small group setting (4-5 participants) if all attendees are at the same or similar level. 

We previde free assessment for those who have had a very solid foundation in Mandarin Chinese and interested in a further upgradation for their skills in speaking, reading and listening comprehesion. 

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