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Onsite Learning + e-Learning
Our combined onsite learning and e-Learning solution is a proven learning approach for learners, especially beginner level learners, from Chicagoland area.
How it works?
  • Each week, registered learners take one onsite lesson at Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center;
  • Right after the classroom lesson, they receive an e-Learning summary video for that onsite lesson.
  • Learners review that lesson their own electronic devices before the next classroom lesson 
  • At the end of all the classroom lessons, learners receive more e-Learning lessons which their textbook does not cover. 
  • By reviewing all the summary videos and the e-Learning lessons, they are able to finish the existing program and move forward to take the next-level program. 
Learning Chinese at your finger tips
Who should attend?
  • Learners who live in Chicagoland area
  • Business professionals who travel frequently
  • Learners who have irregular work schedule
  • School teachers and/or stuents with relatively fixed daily schedule
  • Previous learning members who wish to take a refresher course