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By Lao Tzu, Sixth Century BC

Your Mandarin Chinese learning path
The front cover of Beginner Level I Mandarin Chinese book by Andy Zhang
The back cover of the Beginner Level I Mandarin Chinese book by Andy Zhang

Beginner Level I Mandarin Chinese Program


Who should attend?

  • Learners who have zero knowledge or very limited skills in Mandarin Chinese
  • Individuals who wish to build up an important skill set for career development
  • Individuals who are or will be part of a Chinese-speaking family or community
  • Individuals who wish to learn Chinese language & culture as personal interests
  • Heritage learners born in a Chinese family which was originally from China
  • Organizations/employees which have close connections, working relationship or partnership with China
  • Business professionals who have plan to travel, work or study in China or have needs to communicate with Chinese co-workers, clients and/or business partners
What are included in Beginner-Level I Program?
  • 9-Week Online lessons viz Zoom (each lesson runs for about 1 hour 25 minutes).
  • 9 e-learning lessons which allow the learners to fulfill the Beginner Level I study at their own pace.  
  • E-learning videos for all 18 lessons.
  • A free eBook titled “Mandarin Chinese Beginner-Level I”
  • Audio recordings for all text lessons.
  • Flashcards of all text lessons.
  • An e-Dictionary covering over 2,400 most frequently used Chinese characters.
  • 20 videos for the writing of most frequently used Chinese characters.
  • Free to make up any missed classroom lesson when it is taught again (at different dates & times).
Course Structure:
  • Chinese Phonetics: Initials, Finals and Tones 
  • 250-300 most frequently used Chinese characters and usages  
  • Chinese character pronunciation, phrases, sentence patterns and expressions 
  • Multiple practically-used situational dialogues
  • Business etiquette education, Chinese history, traditions and customs 
Features and Focuses
  • Meet once a week in a particular week-day evening (6:00pm-7:25pm) or weekend (during the day).
  • Highly focus on speaking, reading and listening comprehension (95%), culture and etiquette (5%).
  • Master multiple practically-used situational dialogues, expressions and communication skills.
  • Utilizing the unique “learn-by-cultural-correlation” approach for fast learning 
  • Live online sessions coupled with e-learning approach that enable the learners a high level of flexibility.
  • Regular size of the class: 10-12 participants

eBook to be used: Mandarin Chinese Beginner-Level I

Mandarin Chinese Beginner-Level I is a eBook carefully designed for the non-native speakers who desire to acquire the needed knowledge and conversational skills in Mandarin Chinese. Unlike many other campus-oriented Chinese language learning materials, this book gears up to the needs of the business professionals and individuals who have plan to travel, work, study or live in China or have the needs to communicate with the Chinese people. 

This eBook starts from the basic pronunciations, single sentences and expressions, to more practically used situational dialogues. New words, phrases and expressions are listed after each lesson. An adequate amount of exercises have been designed after each lesson. All the sentences in the texts are annotated with detailed explanations. Writing exercises and supplementary vocabulary were generated with advanced tools to help learners better master Chinese characters learned from each lesson. Chinese sentence structure is highlighted to provide learners with a unique view on the differences from English sentence structure, which is perceived as a special way helping the beginner-level learners quickly familiarize the Chinese syntax as well as the grammatical functions through comparisons. 

This book is a result of Andy Zhang’s 14 years face-to-face language teaching activities with thousands of business professionals and individuals. It is highly recommended to Beginner-level learners. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Size of the book: 8.5″X11″. Total Pages: 172. Initially Published on: 01/04/2018

A hardcopy of the book is available for ordering online at $24.oo