Spring-season 9-Week Beginner Level I Mandarin Chinese Fall-season Program

For Children (Age 6+)

We are pleased to announce our open enrollment for a 9-Week Beginner Level I Mandarin Chinese Program for children (Age 6+). This program will be taught on Saturdays (12:00pm-1:00pm) via Zoom, start at 1:00pm, Saturday, April 27, 2024.  


The entire program will end on Saturday, June 22, 2024.


At the end of this program, we will provide 6 extra complimentary e-learning courses. So this program is composed of 15 lessons in total.


The enrollment for this program will be closed on Thursday, April 25. 


(During the course period, if any class overlaps with a public holiday, the class schedule that day may be postponed to the following Saturdays. Such adjustment or change will be based on prior consultation with all families).


The Beginner Level I Mandarin Chinese Program is a carefully designed course for children who are ready to embark on the journey of learning Mandarin Chinese systematically. This featured program will help children establish comprehensive knowledge and skills in Chinese pronunciation, speaking, reading, listening comprehension and writing. Chinese culture, history and etiquette are also an integral part of this program. 



This program is composed of 9 live online lessons (each lesson runs for 1 hour) and all learning materials such as e-learning videos, flashcards and worksheets are included.  Before each new online lesson, the previous lesson will be briefly reviewed to help young children better memorize what they have learned from the previous lesson before learning new things. This will also provide your children a unique opportunity to make up a potentially missed lesson. All the online classes will be taught with shared learning materials by a highly experienced native Chinese teacher. After each online lesson, an e-learning video link will be sent to each family for extracurricular exercise purpose. 


We limit the size of class at 12 children to ensure the best teaching effect. Our pricing for this 9-week (15 lessons) Spring-season Young Children program is $245 per child (reduced from our regular $275) if there are at least 6 children enrolled in this program. The fee will be lower if more than 6 children are enrolled in the class. Detailed pricing scheme is as follows:


At least 6 children   $245/each

7 – 9 children            $225/each

10 – 12 children        $195/each


Furthermore, sibling children from the same family will be granted a $20 reduction for each. 


All learning materials (videos and texts) are included. Tuition fee can be made online. 


—9 live online classes taught through Zoom Platform (and each lesson runs for 1 hour) 

—6 extra e-learning videos with extended food-for-thoughts.
—Videos for Interesting Characters & writing

—Literacy Development: Flashcards and Writing Sheets   
—e-learning videos produced in the future helping youth to learn most frequently used Chinese characters

—Extra learning materials to be developed during this program


Parents can sign up this program for their child/children by submitting the Class Registration Form here below: 

Thanks and we anticipate this program will bring your child/children a brand-new learning experience and essential knowledge and skills in Mandarin Chinese!

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